Jul. 21st, 2009

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Now imagine sitting 300 feet in the air atop millions of pounds of combustibles... meep.

This should have been posted yesterday, but I think all y'all will live with yet another mention of "holy crap, we landed on the moon 40 years ago!" because I, being the nerd that I am, was too busy crying at the History Channel all day, and also with taking 5 minutes to wish my mom a happy birthday. (40 years ago was her Sweet 16! What an awesome birthday present, don't you agree?)

This may sound creepy, but I waste spend many hours a week staring at the sky. Just staring. Over the years I've developed a keen ear for the sound of approaching cars, because I'm too busy craning my neck up to gawk at Venus anytime I am walking around.

This is partly why I'm usually twittering at everyone from my rooftop. Some nights when I can't sleep (LOL), I'll wander up to the roof, or to a nearby park, just sit and watch the universe go by and experience both a great rush of contentment and a visceral pang of longing. It's the one scenario that gives me an instant sense-memory back to when I was 8 and got my first telescope, one of those POS Toys R' Us things, but it was powerful enough to view the moon closely, at least.

So yesterday was a pretty special day for me and my not-so-secret inner nerd. I hope all of you enjoyed it, too!

And the History Channel's movie 'Moonshot' made me realize something-- )

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