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AKA Halloween Post is Late Post 

Sorry, to all like, one of you that has wanted to see this... cough [livejournal.com profile] citizenjess cough.

Night of October 30th/Day #2 of No Sleeping (no, like, not even for a minute, really) - Flax is approaching the final steps of costume completion. That is, until the helmet BREAKS IN HALF. Cue nervous breakdown. Seriously, I will spare you the petty details of my ~sculpting process~, but fuck gorilla glue with a rusty spoon. Fuck. It. 
Post-nervous-breakdown, Flax, in a manic haze, re-plasters and sets the entire bottom two inches of the damn helmet, finishes sewing together Michael Fassbender's hideous red tunic, whilst Inna (aka Charles Xavier for this exercise) sews the black and purple cape together (THANK YOU INNA, YOU LIFESAVER). 
Around 5 am Flax finally gets to take a four-hour nap.

Morning of October 31st - Flax awakens in a cold sweat. Forgoes coffee and/or food, works all damn day to finish the helmet, cursing at it in full voice all day.

Mind, we had to be at the parade by 8 pm to line up, so, PANIC. But yeah, we got it done just in time. Not AT ALL up to my perfectionist standards when it comes to shit that I make, but what can you do?


So. After running/pushing Inna in a god-damned wheelchair through the West Village, we arrived on Spring St. and situated ourselves in the staging area for the 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade. Exciting!

Some memorable moments include:
  • When a man remarked that there was "a lady in a wheelchair" in front of him, Inna turned around and assured him that she was indeed a man.
  • Speaking of wheelchair, the police at each checkpoint throughout the start of the parade parted the damn red sea for us! I felt kind of guilty (because Inna is actually NOT disabled), but the guilt only lasted for about 2 seconds. I thanked the "human police officers."
  • People kept GRABBING AT MY HELMET. So I glared and in my best manly voice said that I didn't appreciate humans touching me.
  • Edward Scissorhands loved us. And I told him I loved him. He graciously obliged me while I manipulated his metal hands. Yum.
Oh, did I forget to mention that, in the whole theme of celebrating the recent legalization of gay marriage in NY, our costume included a Just Married sign hanging off the back of Inna's wheelchair, and that we were handing out invitations to Charles and Erik's wedding the entire night? No? Oh, well, yeah.

  • So we invited Edward to our wedding, he was ecstatic.
  • I accosted Captain America and thanked him for saving me from Auschwitz. Then invited him to our wedding, too.
  • We ran into so many Wolverines (all invited), but the best one looked EXACTLY like Hugh Jackman Logan, only short (so, even more appropriate). He started screaming in agony when I used my magnetism on him, heehee.
  • At several points throughout the parade, Inna and I gave separate spiels to the assembled crowd. Inna kept trying to recruit for the Xavier Academy, and I may or may not have said something like, Join the brotherhood, fellow mutants! and Charles, why are these humans treating us so strangely today? and Charles, even though I am a terrorist, I promise I am not responsible for those police sirens.
  • Guys, I made SO MANY LITTLE KIDS HAPPY. It felt.... kinda.... awesome. All the little mutant children wanted to high-five Magneto. Hearts in my eyes, you guys.

Here, just have a video of the damn thing. We enter at the 19:00 mark.

After the parade was through, we were SUPPOSED to meet up with Rogue, aka [livejournal.com profile] soloevenstar (I even left her an in-character voicemail!) but it was not to be. *CRIES*

But! We found THIS after leaving the parade on 16th street.

And we got to play chess in Union Square. I know I'm supposed to be playing black, but the wheelchair couldn't navigate over to that spot. Le sigh.

Hide yo kids, hide your wife, Charles is all up in your mind. (Inna has permanent red-eye, no joke, she's evil.)

Oh, the symbolism.

Mags loves coffee.

X-Men and.... the Angry Birds? Okay.

Erik and Charles love you!

Sorry for the shit-tastic photos. The computer with the good pics just had a heart attack today but I think Inna's gonna fix it up while I'm at work tonight, so I promise that they will be up by tomorrow night/Sunday at the latest!

Also also, as for the Mags-puking story mentioned in the subject of this post, we mayyyyy or may not have met up with some of my coworkers after visiting *my* bar (where, coincidentally, a Drag party was taking place-- I kid you not, we fit right in!) one of whom was dressed as Storm. Magneto officially hates Patron. Particularly when mixed with champagne. On the spectrum of Worst Hangovers Ever, November 1st officially made the Top 10.
From: [identity profile] solo-evenstar.livejournal.com
I'm blaming all this on JGL and his bouncy insanity (and his propensity to elbow me in the boob.)
From: [identity profile] flaxenescapee.livejournal.com
Bitch I am just gonna kidnap you at this point.

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Date: 2011-11-05 01:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] patientalien.livejournal.com
Okay, that is pretty fucking amazing.

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Date: 2011-11-05 09:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flaxenescapee.livejournal.com
Magneto loves you!

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