Aug. 20th, 2009

flaxxxen: (my BFF & her b00bies)
Tuesday = Friday in my life, apparently.

Went out to this little bar in Koreatown called Red to celebrate my BFF Anna (she's the one flapping her cleavage around in my icon) getting a new job, yay! This is the same night I squawked all over Twitter about how she confessed her Evil Plot to hire a clone stripper for my birthday (which isn't until October and DOES NOT BEAR THINKING ABOUT). It may or may not be the best plan of all time. Then again, I might just pull an Edna Pontellier and swim away and never come back. You've received adequate warning.
Also, sorry for all the drunk dialing. I didn't mean it, I swear! Okay, that's a lie...

Short story short, we got pretty smashed, then went back to Anna's place in Queens, whereupon we agreed that renting the Jonas Brothers concert movie was an excellent idea. It was so worth the $4.99, truly. They make me feel like a pedophile, but in a good way (Sarah Silverman? GTFO of my head). Not terribly sure why, being 22 and all, but whatever. Joe Jonas is smokin'.
After we had our fill of painful music and shirtless Jonases we watched the latest episode of True Blood for the 87th time (naked Alexander Skarsgard, need I say more?), followed the next morning by 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch', which I had never seen but enjoyed, and 'Oldboy' which was strange and enjoyable, throwing aside that the BIG SECRET of the film was really obvious from the beginning. Still, scissors meeting tongues will never get old. I guess this week has been Korea-themed. Who knew?

Anyway, see you all at the SECRET TUNNEL-- I mean, well, Twitter (or Facebook, or like, G-Chat, or on the phone, worlds are colliding)! Gotta go meet my ©Fishwife [ profile] solo_evenstar for hot dogs at Coney Island.
If you don't hear from either of us in a few days, it was Old Gregg.

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