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What are you most thankful for?

This year I am most thankful for James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender for being stupidly beautiful and so convincingly gay for each other. I ain't even mad, a little movie has brought so much amusement, so many new amazing people, ~sinspiration (that was a typo of 'inspiration' but, well...) for various things, and my best friend and I closer than ever. If the shoe fits!

And yes, I realize it's super silly, but fuck you. ♥ 

Also, I may or may not love you all. ♥ 

HAPPY TURKEY DAY! I'll be over here with my tofurkey, because, I am a hipster piece of shit? Also also, we've got Bitburger.


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AKA The Post where Flax bitches about her choice of Halloween costume.

Mags, seriously, I love you and all, but whyyyyyy is your outfit such a pain in the ass to make, and why is it so fugly? You know, a black turtleneck and (uggggh) khakis would have been easy, but no. Oh no. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Reason #1 of why I've been a shut-in for the past two weeks......

It looks like major shit right now, but it's only about 50% completed. Still gotta trim/sand/paint/varnish/weatherproof/line the hell out of it. Also, ignore my beauteous work station. 

Kiiiiinda wanted to keep this under wraps until the 31st, but you know, since it's only 6 days away (and my poor BFF AKA my very own Charles Xavier -- no really, she is small and dark-haired and a huge cardigan-wearing nerd-- and we bought a wheelchair and painted it silver and X-up the wheels and everything, but she is tired of listening to me scream at inanimate objects at 3 am) and I needed to vent and seek reassurance that mayyyybe, just maybe, I'm not insane? No takers? Oh well.

Still, hay guys, hay!

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