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Aside from the fact that I just wrote an hours-long entry; end-of-year meme and all, and it WAS EATEN BY FUCKING LJ JUST NOW FUCK THIS WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS, I AM GOING TO DREAMWIDTH RIGHT MOTHERFUCKING NOW.

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Complete with card:

Santaneto wishes you a Merry X-Mas!
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Fancy pants sneakers: $100
Fancy pants compression tights: $40
Knee brace: $19
Tiger Balm: $4


As many of you may or may not have been hearing for the past several years, my runner's knee had been stubbornly problematic for a Long Time, and seemingly nothing worked to alleviate the pain. Until I bought everything but the damn kitchen sink and put it all on my body. I've been doing nice little 3 mile treks (which is nothing compared to what I used to do, but I'll take it) at the track in Astoria Park  for the past few nights and I am just so gleeful I had to share. :D

Just because I love you, have gratuitous almost naked Magneto.

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What are you most thankful for?

This year I am most thankful for James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender for being stupidly beautiful and so convincingly gay for each other. I ain't even mad, a little movie has brought so much amusement, so many new amazing people, ~sinspiration (that was a typo of 'inspiration' but, well...) for various things, and my best friend and I closer than ever. If the shoe fits!

And yes, I realize it's super silly, but fuck you. ♥ 

Also, I may or may not love you all. ♥ 

HAPPY TURKEY DAY! I'll be over here with my tofurkey, because, I am a hipster piece of shit? Also also, we've got Bitburger.


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Reblog from Tumblr to make life easier

Disclaimer: I am seriously, seriously, grievously sorry for putting all of you lovely people through this horror. I haven't drawn a damn thing in years and I've never been very good to begin with, so..... yeah. I'm really sorry.

So, like, here is a craptastic sketch that I worked on yesterday and today. It is, however, inspired by one of my favorite Charles/Erik fics, a super-duper amazing AU by the name of The Courtship of Francine and Mr. Lehmanbot. The most recent chapter, I shan't say much for fear of ~spoilers, but this is a scene that just would not leave my head, so go read it! I hope you.... like..... it? No, no, you won't. And that's okay! Still gonna inflict this on the internet.


Follow me. )

The moral of the story is, I'm not worthy! and I've officially lost control of my life, trollolol. All I've got to say is, Michael Fassbender, your face is surprisingly difficult to draw, and I hate you only no I don't. Also, I can't draw for shit. Goodnight!


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Firstly, our home computer has died. Like, completely gone. So, thank god these pics were recoverable from Inna's POS camera and that I was able to upload them elsewhere. Alles ist gut!
Also, my aunt died unexpectedly and I quit my job, all in one week! November, you are a strange beast thus far. Still, alles ist gut (if I don't think too hard)! But, yeah.

Where is my beer? )

There are WAY more photos on facebook, so uh, yeah,. If you haven't had enough of this poorly executed crap yet, then, carry on!

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AKA Halloween Post is Late Post 

Sorry, to all like, one of you that has wanted to see this... cough [livejournal.com profile] citizenjess cough. Here be a little story. )

Sorry for the shit-tastic photos. The computer with the good pics just had a heart attack today but I think Inna's gonna fix it up while I'm at work tonight, so I promise that they will be up by tomorrow night/Sunday at the latest!

Also also, as for the Mags-puking story mentioned in the subject of this post, we mayyyyy or may not have met up with some of my coworkers after visiting *my* bar (where, coincidentally, a Drag party was taking place-- I kid you not, we fit right in!) one of whom was dressed as Storm. Magneto officially hates Patron. Particularly when mixed with champagne. On the spectrum of Worst Hangovers Ever, November 1st officially made the Top 10.
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Haven't slept in 41 hours. In bed, trying to now. Not working. ALL BECAUSE OF A MAGNETO COSTUME. Fuck him, guys. Fuck. Him. Trolol where has control over my life gone? Happy Halloween coming soon! In spite of all the bitching.


Oct. 29th, 2011 07:57 pm
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So, thanks to all the kitchen-spanish I know, I was able to drunkenly negotiate my way around the city tonight.  "Donde esta la bana?" "No, no, esta para ti." when I tried to leave money on the bar. Also, I may or may not still be wasted. Whatever, the Dunkin' Donuts guy gave me free shit. None of this makes sense. I'm sorry.

Today was my friend James Brown's (no, no no no, that REALLY is his name. For realz) 21st birthday. Awwwww. So, naturally I am typing this wasted. GUYS I AM 25. How are there still barely-legal people on this earth? WTF,

Anyway, omg I hate my helmet. All of my photos for it are tagged as like, helmetfuck0ffanddie.jpeg and stuff. HOW ARE YOU NOT DONE? I HAVE BEEN MAKING YOU SINCE SEPTEMBER. WHAT.



It still looks horrible. I need to file the hell out of it. AND that is on top of it taking 4 hours just for me to cut out the face. Yeah. PS I am totes using a (fulll) bottle of Malibu as a base. Yes. Much is explained. 
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AKA The Post where Flax bitches about her choice of Halloween costume.

Mags, seriously, I love you and all, but whyyyyyy is your outfit such a pain in the ass to make, and why is it so fugly? You know, a black turtleneck and (uggggh) khakis would have been easy, but no. Oh no. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Reason #1 of why I've been a shut-in for the past two weeks......

It looks like major shit right now, but it's only about 50% completed. Still gotta trim/sand/paint/varnish/weatherproof/line the hell out of it. Also, ignore my beauteous work station. 

Kiiiiinda wanted to keep this under wraps until the 31st, but you know, since it's only 6 days away (and my poor BFF AKA my very own Charles Xavier -- no really, she is small and dark-haired and a huge cardigan-wearing nerd-- and we bought a wheelchair and painted it silver and X-up the wheels and everything, but she is tired of listening to me scream at inanimate objects at 3 am) and I needed to vent and seek reassurance that mayyyybe, just maybe, I'm not insane? No takers? Oh well.

Still, hay guys, hay!
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Okay, I can't fucking internet or television today because of the date. You know, I've kind of always scoffed at trigger warnings, but I think I fucking get it now. THANKS.
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And I really just wanted an opportunity to use that sentence and have it be true.

That Irene chick is a total bitch, fyi. Wanted to stay up all night for the worst of the storm and so far it's pretty underwhelming. Watch the power go out immediately after I hit post JUST BECAUSE.
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Now, y'all know I love Her Universe with all my heart and soul. But, this? THIS made me, quite literally, choke on air! (Force-choked by Sith-related advertisements? Hmmmmm.)

Oh noes...

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Apparently I am a teenage Mandalorian cadet chick. Thanks Dave Filoni, love ya too!

Seriously, this bitch stole my face.
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Brought to you by Flax's prescription pain meds and copious amounts of Halloween candy.


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Tuesday = Friday in my life, apparently.

Went out to this little bar in Koreatown called Red to celebrate my BFF Anna (she's the one flapping her cleavage around in my icon) getting a new job, yay! This is the same night I squawked all over Twitter about how she confessed her Evil Plot to hire a clone stripper for my birthday (which isn't until October and DOES NOT BEAR THINKING ABOUT). It may or may not be the best plan of all time. Then again, I might just pull an Edna Pontellier and swim away and never come back. You've received adequate warning.
Also, sorry for all the drunk dialing. I didn't mean it, I swear! Okay, that's a lie...

Short story short, we got pretty smashed, then went back to Anna's place in Queens, whereupon we agreed that renting the Jonas Brothers concert movie was an excellent idea. It was so worth the $4.99, truly. They make me feel like a pedophile, but in a good way (Sarah Silverman? GTFO of my head). Not terribly sure why, being 22 and all, but whatever. Joe Jonas is smokin'.
After we had our fill of painful music and shirtless Jonases we watched the latest episode of True Blood for the 87th time (naked Alexander Skarsgard, need I say more?), followed the next morning by 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch', which I had never seen but enjoyed, and 'Oldboy' which was strange and enjoyable, throwing aside that the BIG SECRET of the film was really obvious from the beginning. Still, scissors meeting tongues will never get old. I guess this week has been Korea-themed. Who knew?

Anyway, see you all at the SECRET TUNNEL-- I mean, well, Twitter (or Facebook, or like, G-Chat, or on the phone, worlds are colliding)! Gotta go meet my ©Fishwife [livejournal.com profile] solo_evenstar for hot dogs at Coney Island.
If you don't hear from either of us in a few days, it was Old Gregg.
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Now I can't imagine that many people who either aren't native to NYC or haven't ever visited would know anything about this, or care, but something irked me tonight coming home on the N (aside from the fact that the train was making all the local stops when it is an express train, but whatev it was 2 AM so FML).
Below the World Trade Center site, the N/R/W train (yellow line on the map) runs through a station called Cordlandt Street.

So, what's your point, Flax?

To which I reply: it is August of 2009, and the September 11th attacks happened eight (yes, count them, EIGHT) years ago. Why is this station still not repaired?

Why are the tracks functioning, so that my train can pass through and get a first-rate glimpse of all that hasn't been fixed in damn-near a decade, while the remainder of the structure is still in shambles? This is all common knowledge to subway riders, and goes without mention of the giant gaping hole in Manhattan known as Ground Zero, where the word "progress" has no meaning.

All the same, we can't blame the economy, as the city can blow a shiny $4 million on renaming the Triboro Bridge after RFK, the MTA can go on strike for three days with a $1 million-per-day fine and STILL raise fares, but we can't plaster some walls and stabilize some floors in eight years? Even with the level of corruption and private contractors on rotation at every construction site across town? What is that?

Perhaps more importantly, at least to the psyche of a lifelong New Yorker, must we continue to live in that era, and be forever reminded of how, no, the city is not and will never be the same?
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Now imagine sitting 300 feet in the air atop millions of pounds of combustibles... meep.

This should have been posted yesterday, but I think all y'all will live with yet another mention of "holy crap, we landed on the moon 40 years ago!" because I, being the nerd that I am, was too busy crying at the History Channel all day, and also with taking 5 minutes to wish my mom a happy birthday. (40 years ago was her Sweet 16! What an awesome birthday present, don't you agree?)

This may sound creepy, but I waste spend many hours a week staring at the sky. Just staring. Over the years I've developed a keen ear for the sound of approaching cars, because I'm too busy craning my neck up to gawk at Venus anytime I am walking around.

This is partly why I'm usually twittering at everyone from my rooftop. Some nights when I can't sleep (LOL), I'll wander up to the roof, or to a nearby park, just sit and watch the universe go by and experience both a great rush of contentment and a visceral pang of longing. It's the one scenario that gives me an instant sense-memory back to when I was 8 and got my first telescope, one of those POS Toys R' Us things, but it was powerful enough to view the moon closely, at least.

So yesterday was a pretty special day for me and my not-so-secret inner nerd. I hope all of you enjoyed it, too!

And the History Channel's movie 'Moonshot' made me realize something-- )

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